The Danube

I cried gemstone tears into the jewel blue Danube

only because I missed you, my love.

You were not by my side to see how much your absence

Shattered me.


When you come,

I want to love you on the long boat to Vienna,

to thrust my desires deep into your heart,

and join rhythms with the slow swells of the Danube.


We’ll pass cities, towns, villages, villas, and empty

forests, hugging the mountainsides –

nothing so great as to throw my love for you

into shadow.

All the water of the river could not quench

the burning I feel when we are apart.


And on the unfamiliar shores of Vienna

I’ll pour deep cold envy into the ivy green Danube

because I never want to feel the flames of distance between us.

I want to steal away your every last day.


Before you leave,

I want to consume you on the quick return to Pest,

to roll my body into yours like the great ocean swells

to which even the Danube must succumb.


Our love flows and ebbs like the tides,

but, like the constant sea, it never subsides.

And it is for this reason that I am so deeply

so madly

and so wonderfully in love with you.


I know that I’ll be whole even after you’ve gone.

Yet I still shed crimson blood tears into the scarlet red Danube,

on the sunset of your departure,

because I will still miss you.

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