Poetry Is

Poetry is the art
             of gleaning stillness from movement
             of giving still-life motion.

Poets are photographers
             in developing verses versus film
             they give the inanimate emotion.

Poetry is the art
             of saying more with less
             of leaving some things        .

Poets are people
             the bored security guard reading East of Eden;
             the housewife, downing her daily fingers of scotch,
                         who no longer tends her garden.

Poetry is the art
             of platonic love and zealous lust
             of coveting your neighbor’s wife.

Poets are children
             coloring outside a|| the lines
             in the |>rocess creating nu 1’s

Poetry is the art
             of seineg tnighs difretfnly
             presenting that view on the stage.

Of course poetry is heretic
             it’s fueled by demon twins,
             Inspiration and Loneliness.

Of course poetry is hectic
             when scribbled on torn, damp napkins,
             or emblazoned across rusting railway cars.

Poets are performers
             prophets and sinners, prosecutors, prisoners,
             plumbers proles prostitupriestsprotestors –               phantoms;

                                       because poetry is indiscriminate

                                                     Poetry is the art.

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