baa baa blank sheep,

have you any tokens?

no sir no sir

the machine was broken


baa baa blank sheep,

get on the bus!

yes sir yes sir

don’t be so rough


Plenty of seats are free,

come on now, get moving!

The doors are closing!

Your lives are boring.


baa baa blank sheep,

where are your tickets?

stolen stolen

there’s the one who did it


baa baa blank sheep,

don’t start a fuss!

yes ma’am yes ma’am

they’re pushing us


Look, just form a line there

Come now, no need to stare!

Haven’t you seen a subway before?

Aren’t you a mass-transit whore?


But of course you are!

If all of you weren’t,

you wouldn’t get far,

and you couldn’t work!


not our fault you bray,

but your will is so weak!

You only comprehend OBEY

and “the fare’s risen this week!”


Baa baa blank sheep,

get off the bus!

roadkill roadkill

what’s become of us?

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