After life


The wino took to coma like a duck

to water.

Reawakened sometime later

in a Gallagher guard uniform.


His memories of a past

life drained away,


under the Cong Ly bridge


near Danang.

stale gray water in puddles

shaped duck-like,

but no ducks, only


as new shells filled old holes

and bodies were covered in

mud     mosquitoes     blood


Firefights come alive again

in the nightly neon glow;

a cheap apartment illuminated

by a cheaper hotel next door.


“Hit the bottle,

fade to black“


every day blurred, bathed in

the same shade of Gray


“The paths of glory

lead but to the grave.”


In-country twice, out at last —

28 hours, a trip to Japan, and … godDamn

the streets are loud in San Fran.


Naked without a gun

life would have been easier

dead. No,

it was.


P.osT S.cripteD

sometimes you wake up

after life

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